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About Lamoille County Republicans
Lamoille County, Vermont foliage. About Lamoille County Republicans

Most Vermonters live by the values of family, community, hard work, self-reliance, frugality, and individual freedom. Our government’s first priority is to protect these rights, indeed promote these rights, for each of us to reach our full potential as human beings. We believe individuals working in small communities across the state, and not the government, have made Vermont great, and will continue to propel this Green Mountain state to its fullest potential.

Yes, you might be a Republican! You may already live by our principals. The people of Vermont have always been our finest resource. Free to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, work their farms, create the tourist trade, and build homes, Vermonters have accomplished great things. The freedoms Vermonter’s enjoyed spurred economic growth that raised the standard of living for all Vermonters, until recently. Even before the COVID-19 recession, we were faced with a stagnant economy and a dwindling population brought on by years of high taxation, and over-regulation. This has stifled business growth, and given Vermont a reputation as a state where economic activity isn’t welcome. We stand for the following:

  • Republicans believe that economic freedom will stimulate the kind of positive activity that is needed to provide good jobs for Vermonters while providing the increased revenue the state needs to provide necessary services. (We have to look no further that the craft beer industry where a relaxation of regulations allowed an entire industry to flourish.)

  • We don’t believe in more and bigger government that increasingly picks winners and losers, thinks it knows best how to run your business, and decides for you how you may pursue happiness -- and how you may not.

  • More programs and constantly rising taxes and fees are not the answer! In fact, in many areas like Act 60, Act 46, and Vermont Health Connect, government “solutions” quickly became the problem.

  • We believe the single party system that now governs in Montpelier has not served the best interests of Lamoille County and other rural communities.

  • We believe in reaching across the aisle to solve problems while remaining true to our principles.

  • We are focused on solving Vermont’s problems, not promoting national political agendas, or allowing the discord in Washington to infect our politics.

  • We believe Vermonters should be allowed to reap the rewards of self-reliance, independence, hard work and frugality, qualities Vermonters had always possessed in abundance.

  • We must improve our reputation as one of the least business friendly states in the nation. We believe the state should reduce laws and regulations that stifle economic growth and discourage companies from making Vermont their home.

  • We are environmentalists who believe we can balance stewardship of our land with responsible development. We can make smart choices, identifying areas where the greatest environmental impact can be achieved for the least amount of money, and where collaboration with private resources and non-profits can replace large government solutions.

  • We believe climate change solutions should be developed by our legislators, with buy-in from Vermonters, and not handed off to unelected bureaucrats who will have the power to regulate, and establish fees, while making decisions behind closed doors without voter approval, and with little regard for the needs of working Vermonters.


This is what we stand for!

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