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How Much More?

The 2024 legislative session is underway. Many of us are waiting in breathless anticipation of what's to come. Day one of the session a bill (co-sponsored by our own Melanie Carpenter of Hyde Park,) was put forth to ban possession of semi automatic "assault weapons" in Vermont (H.582). That’s POSSESSION folks, not purchase. That gun you moved here with from out of state, or inherited from your dad, will land you in jail for up to a year if this bill passes. This is the highest priority for Vermont’s legislature?

The food pantry in my little town of Morristown has already said they have to start turning people away come February. Too many of Vermont’s working class are waiting in line in hopes of receiving free groceries with which to feed their families, and this long-established charity can not shoulder the burden.

DMV fees are up 20%. Vermont has the 7th highest state income tax in the nation (3.35-8.75%), absurd property tax rates (1.83%), taxes on military pensions and social security. Every day Vermont citizens are begging for a financial break, yet our elected officials are more concerned with changing centuries old gun laws to notice. This makes the rest of us feel unimportant and expendable. You’re starving and can’t afford to heat your home? Sorry to hear that, you’ll need to hand that gun over now. And don’t forget to pay your taxes!

I've lived in Vermont all my life. In that time I've watched this state get turned into a shell of its former self. More crime. Fewer civil liberties. More taxes. More regulations. When are average Vermonters going to be taken care of; middle class and senior citizens, not lobbyists and special interests groups? How much more can the average Vermonter take?

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